As simple it may sound, flooring have found new meanings in office spaces. Along with a strong design statement, our flooring solutions help in making our planet healthy.


Nylon Carpet by Interface

One of the most preferred brand in the commercial flooring segment. With interface your are not only choosing a long lasting flooring solution, but helping the environment to heal.


LVT by Interface

LVT withstands heavy footfalls, doesn't get easily chipped or cracked if something heavy is dropped on them—and the replacing them is simple or cost effective. Tile flooring is the most sought after flooring option in today’s world.

nora® rubber flooring

nora® Rubber Flooring

Manufactured in Germany for over 70 years, nora® rubber drastically reduces maintenance, absorbs noise, provides added comfort underfoot, and is sustainable — with a functional life cycle that lasts for decades.

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